WordPress SEO best practice today

WordPress SEO Best Practice Today

by WordPress Design on 2015 September|Posted in WordPress SEO

WP SEO best practice

These days, many business proprietors are looking forward the possible ways to make their website visible in the page of search engine. This makes their business popular among their audiences and customers. Google is also trying the best to develop an enhanced, quicker and protected web for every one of us. Luckily, WordPress SEO best practices are simple to put into practice and also help to upgrade various types of business.

SEO approach

Earlier than getting into the WordPress SEO best practices, let me explain some points that you may desire to know as a beginner. SEO includes two approaches and they are on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization contains the entire optimization behaviors that you perform within the website counting content writing, adding up keywords, title optimization and inserting Meta tags. Off- page refers to the additional SEO activities that engage third party web pages like blog comments, guest blog, directory submission, link building and social bookmarks.

Now, let us proceed towards WordPress SEO best practices today…..


SEO friendly themes

WordPress consists of a wide range of the beautiful and stylish themes which can be easily tailored and made responsive. These days, most of the WordPress theme developers are building up a theme that are SEO optimized with improved code and quicker load time, which ensures that the themes are developed applying the recent SEO practices to make sure that WordPress themes is developed with an arrangement preferred by the Google Bots.


Remember Content is King

Every one of us know “Content is King”. Content makes your website informative as well as fresh. In order to make the website stand out from the crowd, you need to update your website with unique and quality content with a bunch of applicable keywords. Google also supports the website with a clean and quality content. Along with the content you also need to focus on title and Meta descriptions. Writing proper title as well as Meta description along with good quality content will help your website to get first page position on the page of Google.


SEO compatible plugins

The one familiar with WordPress mostly suggest the Yoast SEO plugin as a great tool in order to manage as well as understand the optimization of content. You need to pay much attention while selecting a plugin as poor as well as rough plugin can make your website slow and down which takes your users away from your web presence.


Optimize your images

Image optimization is very essential in WordPress SEO. Performing things like creating good ALT tags for images helps you to gather additional traffic within the various image search engines. Moreover, this also helps your audiences to look for your website within a screen. The images within your blog play a vital role to drive more traffic. It focuses upon image ALT tags in order to identify the image and the text that is within your images which also helps in developing a better rank of your image in the page of search engine.


Go for Responsive web design

With the increase in mobile users, everyone, even Google prefers the websites that are highly responsive as responsive web design suits in all the portable devices. If you do not consist of responsive web design, then you are missing out your targeted audiences which directly affects on the traffic of your website. So in order to make your web page engaging and SEO compatible go for the responsive web design.



The above point provides you proper guidance which you can perform within your WordPress website and make your site SEO friendly. WordPress SEO best practices help to promote your site, making your pages visible within a different search engine. It also incorporates with different functionality that helps to optimize your content, images and add up Meta descriptions and ALT tags within your page.

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