Introduction to WordPress Database Plugins

Introduction To WordPress Database Plugins

by WordPress Design on 2015 November|Posted in Wordpress Plugin

WordPress database plugins

Today, most of the business proprietors desire to develop their online presence in WordPress as it developers simple and reliable. Content management system (CMS) WordPress provides many plugins to simplify and expand the functionality of the website. However, maintaining the database might be troublesome or time-consuming for most of the WordPress users. If you are having a similar problem, you do not need to worry as there are various WordPress database plugins available which make your database maintenance more easy and simple. Moreover, tit also keeps the path of data revamping the performance of the website.

Here are the best WordPress database plugins which might be useful for your business:

1. WP-Optimize

WordPress Database plugin WP-Optimize refers to the plugin which is mainly used for optimising your database in useful ways. It is an extensive WordPress database plugin that lets you eliminate the post revision, remove the temporary option to make your site fast and also allows you to eliminate options connected to pingback and trackback. Furthermore, it is a mobile compatible plugin which does not need any PhpMyAdmin for cleaning up as well as optimising your database table.

WordPress database plugins WP-Optimize

2. WP-DBManager

You can easily develop your WordPress task utilising this handy WP-DBManager. It is a helpful plug-in which operates the entire essential task to develop the performance of the database. Additionally, this plugin is very useful for optimising the database, repairing the database, backing up the database, restoring a database, deleting the backup database as well as running the selected queries.

WordPress database plugin WP-DBManager

3. WP-DB-Backup

WordPress plugin WP-DB-Backup lets you simply backup your core WordPress database tables. If you are willing to develop an  absolute backup, then you can find this plugin suitable  as it is a perfect plugin with a host features to make sure your website runs smoothly. It can be useful to the one willing for frequent updates and do not require using an image on their blog.

 WordPress database plugin

4. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

Optimize database after Deleting Revisions is a one click database optimizer WordPress plugin that helps to optimise the WordPress Database after cleaning it out. This plugin assists to go out of the spam comment, unwanted revision, unused tags and many others. It is extremely customizable as it allows deciding which database requires being included for optimisation.

WordPress database plugin

5. DB-Optimize

One of the effectual plugin DB-Optimize allows you to recover the unused space and to defragment the database. Similar as WP-Optimize, this plugin does not need PhpMyAdmin. It also carries out the optimised table commands with WordPress admin part which making easy for optimising the complete database through a click.

WordPress database plugin


I hope this article benefited you with useful information regarding the top range of WordPress database plugins which allows you to clean, manage, optimise and repair your database. They are the most effective plugins to smoothen the working of your online presence, providing making you comfortable to optimise the database within your WordPress site.

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