Best tools for WordPress Developers

Best tools for WordPress developers

by WordPress Design on 2016 March|Posted in wordpress tools

tools for WordPress developers

Open source Content Management System (CMS) WordPress is well admired by most of the WordPress developers as well as business proprietors. The CMS is easy to use and update by the client themselves. There are numerous WordPress designers and developers working to acquire the project. Thus, the best tools are necessary to stay forward from the competitors.

If you are looking for the best tools used by WordPress developers you are in right place. Through this article, I will mention some of the best tools applicable for WordPress developers. Picking up these tools for your site surely makes your daily life easier, delivering a better experience for both you as well as your client.
To make your day-to-day operation better,

Here are some top tools for WordPress developer:

Time Doctor

Time Doctor refers to the productivity tool allowing you to monitor the way you spend time in the work. The tool can be utilised by both team and individual. Besides, it tracks and monitors the time used on website, social networking sites, application and rest time. If you are willing to evaluate the way you spent your time, you can take screenshots of your screen as well.

Time doctor


Project management tool Asana helps to free you and the team from restricting of email. The tool keeps the discussion and task together so that you can complete the task devoid of switching back and forward between email and real task.



Slack counts in the top tool useful for WordPress developers. The tool makes communication convenient and simple between you and the team along with the clients. It lets you to chat easily, share files, documents and code. Besides, it also provides integration with multiple applications most of these might be already employed by your team members.



User-friendly project management tool Trello lets you generate card and keep them on your Trello board. Through this tool, you will be able to allocate tasks on the card to your team. Through this tool, you can view every activity performed by the team in a single screen. Additionally, consider it as sticky notes for your team members and add comments, upload and share file, connect Trello to your Dropbox, OneDrive account or Google apps.



The most well-admired project management tool Basecamp provides a comprehensive project management suite for the team members of all the shape and size. It facilitates you with simple and convenient task management, file sharing, group and one-on-one communication, event, note, commenting and many others.



Hall refers to the communication software for your team. It includes text messaging for all the business. This tool helps to chat easily and securely with your team members, create groups, and chat in groups or one on one, transfer file and many others. In addition, it operates well on desktop and mobile phone which allows connecting anytime you wish.


Google apps

One of the essential tools for WordPress developers is Google Apps. The tool allows including your personal branded email address with the power of Gmail, Calendar, and Docs. Besides, document sharing, developing to do list, video conferencing, messaging can be also done easily with this tool.

Google Apps


Evernote includes well-admired note taking, list managing, remind and personal organisation app. The tool operates on the well-recognized devices and syncs the data across various devices.



Employing similar passwords in your every web account might be very risky. Here, password management tool LastPass can become handy as it works on your every device plus web browsers. Using the tool, you will never need to recognise passwords again and will be able to utilise strong passwords for all the accounts.



The most effective online marketing tool MailChimp is leading email service provider. It lets you create and manage your email list making convenient to send emails. This can be useful for the WordPress developers to stay in touch with their clients.


Wrapping Up,

I hope this article helped you to discover the top tools for WordPress web developers. Using these tools will help to complete the work efficiently and conveniently.

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    2 responses to “Best tools for WordPress developers”

    1. Perfect Dashboard says:

      These tools are handy, not only for WordPress developers 🙂 They’re really good for all freelancers. Fortunately, there are many automated tools to help devs with many issues (but in my opinion, proper update is not so easy as you wrote above, I mean backups, checking backups integrity, writing and running tests etc)..

      Anyway, good post, thanks for this!

    2. Felix says:

      Great list of tools for all kinds of projects! We use ProofHub for managing our projects. It’s a very comfortable and flexible solution for managing tasks, creating notes, discussions, generating reports in real time and tracking multiple projects at the same time. You should try it.

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